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Every day, there is a new senior somewhere in the country being told that they need to give up their car keys and would no longer drive because of physical/mental limitations, and age-related changes that impact driving. Life without a car poses a great challenge in commuting from one place to another and coping with practical day-to-day situations.

Here are some tips on how you or a loved can have a smooth transition to a life without a car.

Staying Positive

You may be going through a tough time, but you should learn to remain in a positive frame of mind, as a means to living a healthy, happy life. The costs associated with driving can quickly add up, from maintenance costs to regular fuel purchases, and insurance. Giving up your car means you get to save a lot, and the fewer expenses you have to deal with the better.

Maintaining Social Engagements

A major issue for seniors today is loneliness and social isolation. Also, the elderly can often be reluctant to contacting family and friends, as a way to demonstrate they could be independent. But things shouldn’t have to be that way; you should always reach out to them, talk to them, hear what they are going through and let them know yours too.

Looking Up Alternatives Solutions

Driving is no longer an option, now is the time to start weighing practical alternatives. Public transportation options can be explored. Also, arrangements could be made to hire a chauffeur. Also, availing contemporary systems such as online shopping can help a senior keep control on their groceries and other items, cutting down the needs for a vehicle altogether.

Senior ambulatory services exist to make adjusting to life without driving absolutely easy for the senior population. At Home 2 Care Transportation, we are reputed for our professionalism and commitment, serving seniors in Madison and surrounding areas.

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